DPA & ASSOCIATES has been eminent in providing corporate, business, financial, taxation, intellectual property rights, real estate law and general corporate advisory and advocacy services to individuals and business enterprises; of all descriptions within and beyond India for many years. The firm provides a whole range of corporate legal services including hearing at CLB and Courts, client briefings and conferences, opinion writing and guidance, research work and several other related activities.

The group has been involved in delivering services ranging in Corporate Restructuring, Corporate Compliance and Due Diligence, Investment Banking, Securities Laws advisory, Corporate Taxation, Securities Laws Advisory etc. Since the activities are diverse and governed by different regulatory authorities, the businesses are structured under DPA with a clear demarcation of infrastructure as well as the human resource in order to offer unsurpassed service in each arena.

Our primary mission is to establish long term and meaningful business relationships with every client. Every firm employee will at all times, act with honesty and with integrity and will exude confidence, pride and enthusiasm for each client, other law professionals, the firm and the legal profession in general.

We at DPA work in tune with the work-culture of international firms as well as the expectations of large corporate clients. We firmly believe that passion, quality, consistency and timeliness of our services is the backbone of our legal practice.

Our focus, at DPA is to serve our clients with legal and advice as responsive to their needs. We strive, not merely to accomplish our targets, but with optimum efficiency and supremacy. We endeavor to provide a convenient legal experience and sail them through the tides of the system.

Our mission at DPA is to provide need-based, one-stop legal resource for anything, anywhere, anytime in the corporate sector. We have organized ourselves to ensure and provide timely and personalized advice to our clients. We strive to provide the best of legal experience and ethics based on the clients requirements and provide them with a single point of contact in the firm, so as to ensure timely and personalized advice and all legal services under one roof.